Upcoming Auctions

Upcoming Auctions

NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE of property to satisfy landlord’s lien. Sale is Saturday, January 27, 2018, at 5:00 P.M. Property will be sold to highest bidder, cash only. Cleanup and removal deposit may be required. Seller reserves right to withdraw property from sale. Property includes contents of spaces of following tenants:

Darryl Cozart – Midlothian, TX

Gayla Mays – Midlothian, TX

Erwin Babb – Italy, TX

Kei Andrus – Breckenridge, TX

Marcella Lee – Grand Prairie, TX

Danielle Pirosko – Midlothian, TX

Brenda Rumsey – Midlothian, TX

Amy Wright – Midlothian, TX

Candice Hooten – Midlothian, TX